random questions


assalamualaikum ppl,

the first que,
>> a picture of yourself

tetibe dahi luas -___-

>>what i would find in your bag

wet wipes, lipbalm, handphone, purse and a pen. *we never know when we need a pen ait?*

>>last song i listening to

la daa dee-cody simson

>>your favorite thing to get at restaurant

nasi goreng kampung telur mata with teh'o beng

>>first 5 song in shuffle

  • me too-meghan trainor
  • u & i - BTOB
  • l.i.e - exid
  • boombayah - blackpink
  • everytime - chen, punch

>>what i want to be when i'm older

electrical engineer or idk ;/

>>5 facts about me

  • anak sulung
  • daydreamer
  • pastel lover
  • fall in love with men's perfume 
  • always with earphone 

>>top 5 favorite books

  • tundukan playboy itu - anjell
  • suamiku paling sweet - anjell
  • wheres the rainbow end//love, rosie - celilia ahern
  • anthem - hlovate
  • rooftop rant - hlovate

>>something i really, really want; right now

hmmm, dunno ;/

>>what i did yesterday

writing new draft for three sixty

>> have you ever liked someone and never told them? why?

not everything need to be told right? rasa macam biar aku dan kawan yang aku rasa rapat je tahu :)

>>battery percentage right now

fully charged; 100%

>>recommended 3 blogs

  • wanaseoby - my favorite tutorial blog evahhhh
  • faten - sumber inspirasi :)
  • takde ;/ kalau bukak laptop memang dua ni je bukak dulu   

>>complete these sentence: "i wish i had someone with whom i could share..."

   "i wish i had someone with whom i could share all my story. s/he are someone that i comfort to share my problems and always there for me in ups or downs and actually i have found them :) thank you so much, guys.

>>a quote from someone you know

"The future might seems blurry right now. We don't know either we would meet again but let just strive for the best. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be - the future's not ours to see."

>> if you life was a novel what would the title be?


>>which give you the most pleasure; giving presents or giving them?

aha, both XD

>> screenshot your destop

doneeeee :D

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