Ready or not?


assalamualaikum ppl,

QOTD; p/s i still love you by jenny han. very commanded to read it ^^

its been a long time from the last update.*blame the bad connection.
so yea, tomorrow i gonna say a long good bye at my very cozy bedroom, and of course my very lazy life. so, my things not ready pack because i already state that i tooo lazy. this new things my stomach swirl around like roller coaster. i'm afraid of everything despite what happen to me last semester. i can't imagine how i should manage it without any help. i mean when my life getting' mess, i can't concentrate with anything. everyday i going to the class with puffy eyes, wearing my not-happy-face and destruct my own self. i skip my breakfast, lunch and even dinner and my body turn out to be jelly. serve your own fault. its like suicide when i think back.

i have one friend at here that always checking on me. she pull my self together, make one-to-one lesson for the last minute study. alhamdulillah all because of her, i manage to get my life back even not fully. if, i not talking with her that day would be happen to me?


"buat apa kau peduli orang kata? kau hidup bukan nak puaskan hati orang"

aha, that words slap directly own my face. maybe, this sem i became a loner or what-so-ever that will happen to me. i hope i ready and strong enough to facing it all by my self. i need a new life planer. last sem surely show me enough that i use wrong technique of study. i want to change all, one by one.  my parent proud. i try my best. pray for me.

this is zaa, signing off <3

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