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ohmaigaddddd steve so cute with children aaaaaaa
assalamualaikum and hi peps!

alhamdulillah exam is over. so like i promise i try my best to update frequently but still i'm too lazy meh. i will try to put something here. maybe random life updated or short draft or anything so it would look like i still alive. oh i should make a blog schedule. that would do the trick. right? hahahaha pray for my laziness to shu shu awaaaay.

okay back to the main topic. this year i got this habit spending my time on youtube. bless my unlimited data /digiforlifeeeee/ sometime i prefer study thru youtube. i think you guys familiar with khan academic right? their video are amazing and surprisingly easily to understand. if you are engineering student, i would suggest study thru youtube. subject like calculus, static, and even dynamics! sorry i forgot my fav channel that i used. i jotted down in my notebook and that notebook in my box at shah alam :(

furthermore, usually i use youtube to watch something that unrelated to my studies /tengokoppa/ but yea, so here my 10 current favorite channel and also you can say i hit their bell button!

  1. korean englishman


so why i like this channel? most of their video about korea culture and specifically about food. oh boy, their mukbang are on another level. it makes you wanna fly there and try it by yourself. too bad the food are not halal :/ but still i like to watch it. so this channel handle by Josh, an english man that happen studying in korea and also got married there! his best friend, ollie also a english man but can't speak korea at all. so josh is the face of this channel while ollie most of the time behind the camera but it depend. sometime ollie will show up his face in between the guest. according to them this channel most likely a proper channel, a proper well made video. so you guy can see very professional style of interviewing people while eating. their video also follow the schedule. i'm not remember the specific date and time when their upload their video. if you something more crackhead, you can go to their second channel.

       2.  jolly

 jolly basically behind the scene of korean englishman. most of the video are effortless, more casually and extra crackhead. sometime they just post a video josh teaching ollie korean, eating some weird food and also bring all of their friend to join them. actually i found this channel first then korean englishman. there a video of josh testing ollie's korean vocab. so they play screaming game? i don't remember the exact name of it but u need to talk to make that character to talk. so josh put a rule, ollie can say only korean words. seriously i can't stop laughing at him! here i put the link. i reaaaaally suggest u guys to watch this

    3. jun's kitchen

i found this channel by accidentally. this channel mainly about cooking with cats. he got 3 cats. Haku, nagi and pokki. i love how he trained his cats to behave while he cook in front of them. oh not all his cat, i forgot pokki! pokki is not well behave. he always steeling jun's ingredient so he rarely show up in the video. nevertheless, i love jun's knife skill. how he hold the knife, taking care of it. fyi he also got another channel that handle together with his wife.

   4. i draw you cook

 this one is not a channel. this one more like a series. a series a bout to chef try to recreate food from kids drawing. its already season 2 and the link that i gave is season 1. go and get them out.

     5. gourmet makes


another cooking series that i like! this one more into making a gourmet. gourmet based on Wikipedia  is a cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink, or haute cuisine, which is characterized by refined, even elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced meals of several contrasting, often quite rich courses. Historically the ingredients used in the meal tended to be rare for the region, which could also be impacted by the local state and religious customs. The term and its associated practices are usually used positively to describe people of refined taste and passion. Gourmet food tends to be served in smaller, more expensive, portions. There also tends to be cross-cultural interactions when it comes to Gourmet, introducing new ingredient, materials, and practices.

in simple word, she basically making a well famous snack like snickers, skittle and also ferrero rocher.

     6. back to back chef

from the same channel of gourmet makes, another series that i like is back to back chef. most of the guest their pick are someone that never cook or unskilled person in cooking. so chef will give them instruction only verbal and they need to make an exact same food. the most horrible episode is with gordon. the guest can't catch what he said and the food he make totally opposite compare to gordon! hahahahahaha

     7. playlist global

my ultimate faaaav channel because most of their web drama are awesome. thanks to someone that keep spamming me about this channel /youknowwhoyouare/ my fav webdrama so far, love playslist, seventeen, yellow and the latest one A-teen. just click at the picture for the link!


let me know if you want me to write a reviews!

    8. safiya nygaard


another random channel that i love to watch. her video mostly about making a franken makeup like mix all of his lipstick, foundation and even eye shadow. yea totally random but who care? hahahahahaha.

  9. cooking tree

i only open this when i want to study math. i easily get distracted, instead of doing calculation, i end up make a mini concert session. to avoid that, i would find asmr sound. for people that never know what is asmr, Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. i still can't handle the sound of people eating but i found very relaxing hearing the sound of egg beaten, the sound of mixer. 

   10. kritter klub

last but not least, kritter klub. i got soft spot for animal especially cats. i found this channel just recently and most of the video show about animal in crisis. how cruel their owner abandoned their pet. don't be surprise, i cried like a lot because of this! hahahahaha

so there. my 10 current fav channel/series  in youtube. let me know what your. till next time. adios.

//this is my first attempt write fully english. i know there a lot of grammatical error. sorry//


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  1. Sy ada cadangan ni, https://www.youtube.com/user/BYUTelevision . komedi. sngt best. serios2.

  2. hahahahahhaha look at the number of food channels! food channels boleh release stress!

    ps: you did well!

  3. Playlist global macam best

    1. memang best pun! dia banyak lagi series dalm channel diorg

  4. Niceeee ;) Will try to look for it later!

  5. Okay, i just have tried to watch some of the channel. N yes the jolly one are so funnyyyy! Sis gelak tak berhenti dkt office ni. Cover je taknak sampai tergelak terbahak2 xDDDD

  6. hi zaatira amik engineering apa? Beeha selalu jugak study through khan academic. sangat membantu!
    Btw, jemput join giveaway saya ^^ https://beehaazman19.blogspot.com/2019/07/first-giveaway-by-anis-beeha.html

  7. I have a few favourite youtubers as well and one of them is the Korean-Englishmen. Their channel is super fun to watch especially all the segments with celebrities. I don't know if this is consider as a youtuber or something but contents from Johnny of NCT 127 is fun to watch too. Most of it are just hilarious.

    1. i found out that idols recently starting to make youtube channel. gonna check that out too. thank u for suggestion

  8. semua tak pernah tengok tapi I rasa macam pernah tengok video korean englishmen ni sebab muka diorang quite familiar

    1. i would recommend you to watch jolly first. mmg boleh semput la kalau tgk perangai diorg