STYLE: how to look chic in ripped jeans


assalamualaikum ppl,

okey, harini aku cerita pasal ripped jeans*obviously. sekarang ni ripped jeans menjadi salah satu pilihan remaja sebabnya they have a super casual feel and can make you look seriously chic with a touch of cool street style. korang just perlu tahu how to mix and match them so they look less grungy but more edgy!kat bawah ni aku ada tepek beberapa keping gambar as you guys utk references on how to look chic in ripped jeans..!!!

If you need a glamorous touch to your outfit to show off your curves then wear high-waisted ripped denim with a sparkly top and a pair of nice heels

Get one chic outfit with a combination of front-tuck button down shirt, skinny ripped jeans and a pair of amazing boots.

Ripped jeans and a simple sweater make a good and super casual look. Add a statement necklace and stylish heels to make the look more awesome!

Want to keep it simple? Pair you favourite ripped jeans with a stunning hat and a bright tank top. 

Boho style is so in right now and you can go for boho-chic with loose ripped jeans, all cuffed up, together with a long tunic and a hat. This look is so cute and looks comfy!

During warmer days, you can add flats and a flowy kimono fashion top that would create a perfect casual look.

Try to add a baggy striped t-shirt to a pair of super skinny ripped jeans for a great classic combo.

Keep everything looks super casual with a tank top, cardigan and sneakers paired with your favourite ripped jeans. Add some cute accessories to complete the whole look! 

kalau korang gugel there are some celeb that loved so much wear ripped jean such as rosie huntington also olivia palermo dengan  her latest look, a go-to denim combo. aku ada terjumpa masa surfing twitter, an inspiring feature on NY creative Jassine Chrisphonte, and i could help but fall in love so much with her style! style jenis cozy and laid-back look. Gosh, you guys need to look for yourself.  kalau korang tanya aku, just grab you super comfy baggy shirt and pair it with sneakers pun dah cukup. simple but look nice. so there you go, tips on how to look chic in ripped jeans. 

this is zaatira, signing off!

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